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Foundation Recipients

Cristie Heath's Story
Our Very First Recipient
$1000 on 9/29/2018
30 years old
Breast Cancer
Saranac Lake, NY
Franklin County


cristie heath gofundme.jpg

Taken from Cristie's GoFundMe Page, created by Tracy Pauquette on August 29, 2018:

In November of 2017, Cristie Heath found out she was pregnant with her first baby. To say Cristie was excited would be an understatement. From that moment on all she could think about was her sweet baby boy. At 35 weeks pregnant, Cristie was told she had a rare, aggressive form of breast cancer, and needed to be induced right away. Her first thought? Please make sure my baby is ok. Cristie is one of the most selfless, strongest women I know. She has served in the New York Army National Guard for almost 10 years. She is always there when called to go. To me Cristie is not just my friend, she is family. I also serve, whenever I’m called last minute, Cristie has always been right there for both of my daughters.

I’m creating this Go Fund Me for Cristie because currently, she is on Leave Without Pay from her full time technician job with the Army. Unfortunately, Cristie did not have enough leave saved to cover her 20 weeks of Chemotherapy, Surgery, and six weeks of Radiation. Medical bills for both Cristie, and baby Rory are starting to pile up, along with her monthly bills. Please donate what you can to someone who has given so much to me personally, and to our country. No contribution is too small. Also please pray for Cristie’s healing. Thank you all for your time in reading this.

Update from Cristie on 2/15/19 :

"I completed chemo and had a lumpectomy about a month ago. I will be getting a double mastectomy next week. Once I recover from that, I'll be doing radiation. Rory lee is going to be 8 months old in a little over a week."

Click on the icon below to donate to Cristie's GoFundMe page.

Jennifer LaValley's Story
Our  2nd Recipient
$1000 on 1/29/2019
30 years old
Pancreatic Cancer
Plattsburgh, NY
Clinton County

jennifer lavalley.jpg

Written by Christine Fuller, Jennifer's Aunt, on 1/6/19 :

Hello, I was referred to your foundation by my cousin Tiffany Lareau.  My niece, Jennifer LaValley, has stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Her story is quite an amazing one. When she was diagnosed, her cancer had already spread to her liver. She was given a poor prognosis, 3 to 6 months. That was 5 1/2 years ago. The past 5 1/2 years have been challenging for her to say the least. She has made several trips to Sloan Kettering. Two years ago she miraculously brought twin boys, Oliver and Colten, into our world. She also has an 8 year old son, Caiden. Jennifer is a true inspiration to many people, despite what she has gone through, she is a loving and caring person. She is a great mommy to her boys. Somehow, she always manages to keep her smile along with a positive attitude. A year ago, we found out that her cancer had spread to her bones. Two of the tumors in her liver have grown significantly, leaving her no choice but to have an embolization treatment done at Sloan Kettering. A week ago she had the procedure done to her left side of the liver, and will be going back in 3 weeks to get the right side done.

Update on 1/26/19 :

Thank you so much Kristeen, I can't even begin to tell you how much this means to me and how thankful I am to you and your board. It means so much to Jennifer, it will help her tremendously. She had the embolization procedure done four weeks ago on the left side of her liver and is leaving to go back to Sloan Kettering on Tuesday to have the procedure done on the right side. The first procedure made her pretty sick but she still managed to keep her smile. The doctor informed her that the larger tumor, the one they will be targeting this time, is getting its blood supply from the main artery which is concerning. We just have to keep our fingers crossed that it makes a difference and helps her to be with us longer.  I called her right after I received your email and she cried, it was a happy cry of course. She expressed that she finds it so heart warming and amazing that you have gone through such a painful loss yourself and choose to help others going through similar situations. She mentioned that when she gets back from Sloan Kettering and is back on her feet that she would like to meet you to thank you in person.  

Thank you again Kristeen and please tell your board thank you from Jennifer and I.

Update on 2/15/19 by Jennifer :

 I had a second treatment done a couple of weeks ago and have just started getting my energy back. What you are doing for others is admirable and it’s motivation for me to get better and create something so I can pay it forward. Thank you so much for your generosity. I would really love to meet you and thank you in person!


Update on 9/24/2020:

It is with a heavy heart to share information of Jennifer's passing on 9/24/2020. She was at her home with family by her side. We send our condolences to her family and friends.

DJ Bordonaro's Story
Our  3rd Recipient
$1000 on 9/19/2019
and $1000 on 11/18/2021

9 years old
T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Willsboro, NY
Essex County

DJ Bordonaro pic_edited.jpg

From DJ's parents, Dan and Mai Bordonaro on August 30, 2019:


My name is Mae Bordonaro. Our son DanielJoseph Bordonaro, we call him DJ 9 years old was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on July 15, 2019.
It started July 2, he start getting sick on and off three times for 2 weeks. We thought it’s only a cold or flu cause after a day or two he fell better. One morning when I woke up we saw he had bruises on his legs and on his back so we brought him to Emergency in Plattsburgh hospital and then a for a few a hours they got the result that it is Leukemia. So they sent him to UVM Vermont Hospital right away through Ambulance that was July 13. July 15 they started the first round of Chemo and we stayed in Hospital for over two weeks. After he went home, they scheduled him for the outpatient chemo treatment visit twice a week to complete that one month of First round of Chemo. Now he is in the 2nd round of Chemo and he will be going back and forth through Ferry ride from NY to VT 4 to 5 times a week for 3 months or so. He’s treatment will be a 3 and half years.
Please help us pray for our DJ as he undergo all this treatment. We know it is a long rough road for us especially for him. Thank you so much for all your kindness and help you shared with us.

With God’s Love and Grace,
Mae and Family

Please feel free to make donations through this foundation in support of DJ.

Trevor JamesNephew's Story
Our 4th Recipient
$1000 on 2/11/2020
16 years old
Acute T-Myeloid Leukemia
Chazy, NY
Clinton County

trevor james nephew.jfif

From Trevor's mom, Nicole Moore:


I currently have a 16 year-old son, Trevor, who was diagnosed with Acute T-Myeloid Leukemia last August. He was diagnosed just a few days before his 15th birthday. We celebrated his birthday in the hospital which was tough, but we made the best of it.  I was out of work for 9 m0nths and have had some help with financial burdens, but I am still trying to play catch up. We are currently traveling from Chazy, NY to Vermont for chemo treatments. I have to say that the team of Doctors we have in Burlington have been amazing. I am single parent of 2 amazing boys and the struggle is real!! I am currently back to work as much as I can. I am looking for help to ease some of the financial burdens that have occurred and just help with food, gas, etc.

Please feel free to make donations through this foundation in support of Trevor.

Paulette Fay's Story

Our 5th Recipient

$1000 on 3/10/2020

71 years old

Breast Cancer

Lake Placid, NY
Essex County

 Paulette has been battling Metastatic Breast Cancer since the spring of 2015.  Paulette resides in Lake Placid.  Prior to her diagnosis, Paulette worked full-time at the hospital, having taken care of her mother and then her husband who have both passed on.  Paulette has always put others before herself, but she was now in need of assistance from others.  Paulette continues to pursue chemotherapy and is currently on her sixth line of treatment and has undergone multiple surgeries related to pathological bone fractures related to her widespread bony metastatic disease.  Thus, it has been a challenge to manage Paulette’s pain.  Her local healthcare providers reached out on her behalf to see if we could assist Paulette with her financial burdens. We were more than happy to help.

Please feel free to make donations through this foundation in support of Paulette.

Jerry Spoor Jr.'s Story
Our 6th Recipient
$1000 on 7/14/2020
63 years old
Tonsil Cancer
Lake Placid, NY
Essex County


 Jerry has been battling Tonsil Cancer. He is self employed and owns a cleaning and restoration business. It was hard for him to find the energy to get back to work after chemo and radiation and needed help getting back on his feet financially. One of his good friends who has also battled breast cancer reached out to us on his behalf with his permission. We wish him the best and we are happy to be here and to have the ability and resources to help him, thanks to all of our donors! 

Please feel free to make donations through this foundation in support of Jerry.

Erica Bassett's Story
Our 7th Recipient
$1000 on 11/20/2020
20 years old
Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Brushton, NY
Franklin County

Erica Bassett.jpg

Erica shares with us: 

I found out I was pregnant in September of 2019.  I then found out I had Hodgkin’s lymphoma in November of 2019. Throughout my pregnancy I had 2 surgeries which was a lymph node biopsy and a port placement! When I was 22 weeks pregnant with my sweet little boy we decided it was the best time to start chemo. I was a high risk pregnancy due to receiving chemo and was traveling 6 hours every week to appointments. There were some health risks for the baby which were low birth weight and preterm labor.  I then had my son at 37 weeks and he weighed in at 5lbs 11oz and 19” long.  2 weeks after he was born I then resumed my chemo treatments.

Please feel free to make donations through this foundation in support of Erica.

Our 8th Recipient
$1000 on 12/2/2020

Wishes toRemainAnonymous
Breast Cancer

Saranac Lake, NY
Franklin County

Maxine Chardeen's Story
Our 9th Recipient
$1000 on 1/25/2023
74 years old
Breast Cancer
Bloomingdale, NY
Essex County


 Maxine shares with us: 

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2022. I had to have a lumpectomy. I am now taking anastrozole. I take it at night  because of the hot flashes. I have an appointment coming up with oncology soon to see if the medication is working. I still have some discomfort and they say it could be the nerve endings. I will have to go back and have another mammogram and sonogram to see if the medication is killing the cancer. I have not yet had to go for radiation or IV chemo. I have a clip in the right breast and I worry about it and how it is healing. I also worry about my bills.

Please feel free to make donations through this foundation in support of Maxine.

Our 10th Recipient
512.69 on 5/5/2023
Wishes to RemainAnonymous
Tonsil Cancer

Morrisonville, NY
Clinton County

Our 11th Recipient
$1000 on 8/1/2023
Wishes to RemainAnonymous
Lung Cancer

Saranac Lake, NY
Franklin County

Our 12th Recipient
$1017.55 on 9/11/2023
Wishes to RemainAnonymous
Anal Cancer
Saranac Lake, NY
Franklin County

Our 13th Recipient
$824.87 on 9/11/2023
Wishes to RemainAnonymous
Breast Cancer
Saranac Lake, NY
Franklin County


St Jude
Children's Re
search Hospital
​(Finding Cures. Saving Children.)

Our 14th Recipient
$507.66 on 1/16/2024
Wishes to RemainAnonymous
Tonsil Cancer
Churubusco, NY
Clinton County

Our 15th Recipient
$1000 on 2/29/2024
Wishes to RemainAnonymous
Pancreatic Cancer
Plattsburgh, NY
Clinton County

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